Kaifi Azmi Girls Hostel

Kaifi Azmi Girls Hostel

Girls Hostel Details

Mrs. Siddiqua Khatoon Zaidi

+91 919895711, +91 7007148679


4, 3, 2 (Seaters)


College admission slip, Mark sheet copy

  • The Parents/Guardian can only meet their daughter/ward at the specified time. However the Parents/Guardian may in case of on emergent situation, meet their daughter/ward only after obtaining the written permission from the warden.
  • The inmate shall have to seek prior written permission for the warden before going out from the hostel.
  • The Female/Male Student of the college cannot be local guardian or nominated person of any inmate of the hostel.
  • The entry or visit of non-residential female student in the hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • The inmate shall once in the week be given permission for “outing” at the specified day and time only
  • Talking on the phone is prohibited from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM

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