From Principal’s Desk


“Can those who have the knowledge and those who do not know be deemed equal?”(AZ-Zumar, 39:9).

Knowledge provides advancement in life. When a person is self-aware, he begins to understand his purpose. I am greatly rejoiced and proudly place on record the fact that Shibli National College, the visionary dream of its founder Allama Shibli Nomani – a humble servant of education whose mission was to transform the small college into a big one, has unfolded into an institution of glorious past and great future.

Shibli National College P.G. College endowed with progressive outlook aims continual growth in the quality of all academic activities with a sense of commitment to fully meet the expectations of the students, parents and society at large. I can foresee that every child who has entered this institute of learning: Shibli College with its mission “To inculcate moral values and work ethics in students to become responsible citizens” will certainly go out as responsible citizens with human values. And this will help us to achieve our vision: “To provide affordable quality education, while equipping students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream, inculcate values, identify hidden talents”.

I would like to conclude by saying that Shibli National College will strive to remain an enlightened place of learning, where we continue to push boundaries of knowledge, nurture critical enquiry, foster democratic partnerships and build an empowered community in this downtrodden region of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Online Counselling 2023-24