National service scheme was started on the occasion of birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi. It was started with the intention of inculcating among young students, patriotic feeling, social service, under taking laborious job in the rural areas to understand their role and duties towards their fellow countrymen.

In the last five year the college has 3 units of NSS (1unit=100 students). Three hundred students participated each year in the programmer of this scheme. At the college level NSS activities are divided in two parts, four one day camp and a ten day special camp. In the four one day camps student worked in the selected villages where they took part in various activities according to the direction of the University programme calendar, like tree plantation, environment awareness, pollution control programmes. In the annual ten day special camp 150 students participate and stayed for day and night in the camp. In the last session ten day special camp was organised in the village "Aanwak" in which 150 student participated. Slogan for that year was "young for cleanliness".